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Landis Services


Many people use the terms “rebuild” and “refurbish” interchangeably. However, there are important differences between the two.

To rebuild a machine is to take it back to the original equipment manufacturing standards. At Rebuilders Unlimited, Inc., this means we take the machine apart completely, inspect every component, repair worn parts, and replace broken parts. Once all parts are inspected and repaired, we reassemble the machine using original design patterns.

When a company says they’re “refurbishing” a machine, this generally means they will clean it up, fix any parts they can see are broken, and give it a coat of paint. They do not take it apart and inspect each piece, which is a key difference between rebuilding and refurbishing. The rebuilt machine is back to original standards; the refurbished machine is functional, but not back to its original state.

Engineering & Design

Our team of experienced designers and engineers understand the original equipment we work on every day. They’re skilled at taking older machines and rebuilding them to original equipment manufacturing standards, making upgrades for efficiency and standards. By computerizing and retrofitting mechanical components, we can transform manual equipment into automated machinery.

Tooling Repair

Our tooling repair services include repairing die heads; sharpening chasers, reamers, and cutter disks; and ensuring holders are within their designated specs. In a nutshell, we make sure everything is up to original equipment manufacturing standards. Our repair techniques include welding, sharpening, and cleaning.

Industries Served

Aerospace* Locomotive Manufacturers
Agricultural Medical
Anchor Bolt Suppliers Marine
Automotive Military/Government*
Chemical Mining
Construction Natural Gas Suppliers
Defense Contractors Oil Field Suppliers
Energy Plumbing
Farm Machinery Manufacturers Rebar & Concrete Product Suppliers
Fire Sprinkler Fabricators Water Pipe Suppliers
Food Processing  
Household Appliance  

*Rebuilders Unlimited supplies companies that serve these industries.